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Youth in Care Network

A place for leadership in our community.
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What is the Youth in Care Network?

The Youth in Care Network (YCN) is a group for youth aged 12 to 21 who would like to develop their sense of leadership. This group promotes their personal growth and gives them enriching opportunities, while encouraging them to get involved in their community.

What does the Youth in Care Network do?

The main mandate of the Youth in Care Network is to lobby the Government on behalf of youth-related issues. YouthCAN, a program with multiple components, gives youth the opportunity to share their views and to speak out on the provincial stage.

Lots of activities

The YCN also has a committee consisting of young people which enables them to get involved and to take part in the decisions concerning them. Whether through that committee, YouthCan, the Ontario Ombudsman, or by taking part in workshops on personal finances or cooking, humanitarian trips and volunteer activities, there is room for everyone to grow while making a difference!

For additional information about YCN, call Annie Chenier at 1 800 675-6168, extension 4594.
Coordinators (potential job opportunities)

The YCN has two coordinator opportunities for post-secondary youth interested in acquiring some professional experience. The job gives those two youth the chance to develop their skills, values and strengths.

The Valoris approach

The Youth in Care Network is a non-judgemental group, where people support and listen to one another. Are you looking for opportunities to help you develop your leadership skills? The Youth in Care Network is for you!

Let Us Help You.

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