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Privacy and Access to Personal Information

Confidentiality and Privacy

Valoris is committed to protecting the privacy of the children, adults and families it supports. In order to provide quality services, we must collect and use information about you and your family. In accordance with the law, we have set out rigorous protocols and safeguards to ensure your information remains confidential.

Our policies define our commitment to keeping your personal information safe. Employees are bound by a confidentiality oath and are required to follow training when they are hired. For more information, please consult our S-103 Confidentiality and Privacy Policy.

To report a confidentiality or privacy breach (theft of personal information, loss of personal information, unauthorized use of personal information or unauthorized disclosure of personal information), please email

Access to Information and Disclosure

Access to Information and Disclosure
If you are receiving or have previously received services from Valoris, you can make a request to obtain the information on file regarding yourself.

If you wish to obtain information regarding another individual (such as your spouse, your child who reached the age of majority or a friend), then this is a disclosure request and you must give Valoris the written consent of this third party or a court order.

Procedures for Access to Information Requests and Disclosures
Valoris provides access to information and disclosure of records pursuant to the applicable laws such as Part X of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

For all disclosure requests, please complete and sign the Personal Information Request and Disclosure Request form. You will also need to provide a copy of two pieces of government-issued photo identification with your request.

Forms can be submitted by email or mail.

Access to Information and Disclosure
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Telephone: (613) 673-5148 or 1 (800) 675-6168
Email: [](mailto:

If you need to provide the written consent of a third party because you are requesting information regarding them or on their behalf, the third party needs to complete the Consent for File Disclosure form.

Who Can Make a Request for Access or Disclosure?

  • Former and Current Clients

If you are receiving or have received services from Valoris, you may request access to your information.

A parent with custody of a child under the age of 16 may request personal information of their child, subject to some exceptions. If you are a person with custody and wish to request personal information of your child(ren) who are under the age of 16, please provide the name and date of birth of your child(ren) and confirm that you are a custodial parent/guardian. In some circumstances, we may ask you to provide documents confirming your authority to make the request on your child's behalf or the child's consent.

Please note that if there is an active child protection investigation, Valoris will not provide the requested information. Records can be released once the investigation has been concluded.

  • Former Child in Care

If you were formerly in extended society care with Valoris and would like to access your records, you can make the request with Valoris.

  • Parents or Children Related to an Adoption

If you were adopted or are related to someone who was adopted through Valoris, and you would like to request non-identifying information, you can make the request with Valoris.

If you are a descendant of an adult adoptee who is deceased, a copy of a death certificate will be required along with your application form.

Copies of birth registration and adoption orders cannot be provided by Valoris or any Children’s Aid Societies. Once an adoptee reaches the age of 18, that person can apply for copies of their birth registration and adoption order. Birth parents can also apply once the adopted adult has reached the age of 19. To apply for this service, visit or call 1-800-461-2156.

  • Other Third Parties

Sometimes, Valoris receives requests for information from third parties such as the police, government agencies, health or social services professionals and people involved in court cases with our clients. We only give personal information about service recipients to third parties if:

  • We have the individual’s consent, or;
  • There is a court order, search warrant, or urgent demand for records requiring disclosure; or
  • We are legally permitted or required to provide the information by law (for example, if a child is at risk of harm if the information is not disclosed).

Note that the written consent of any person over the age of 16 years is required to release their information to a third party and that in certain circumstances, the consent of a child under the age of 16 is also required.

Fill out the Consent for File Disclosure form

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