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Positive Parenting Program

We are not born parents, we become parents.
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The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is about learning and parenting skills, and its goal is to develop positive relations between parents and their children/teens.

Triple P helps parents acquire effective parenting tools to improve their handling of behavioural challenges they face with their children and teens. More specialized tools are available for children with special needs and for families where the parents are separated.

Valoris facilitates Triple P groups for parents who want a helping hand. Visit the Events & Groups page for more information on upcoming Triple P groups and to register.

The Triple P program
  1. 1
    Recognizes the challenges of being a parent, and focuses on promoting parent-child relations.
  2. 2
    Offered as group or individual sessions.
  3. 3
    There are several levels, ranging from short one-evening workshops to more intensive 8 to 10 week workshops, and online.
The purpose of the Triple P program is to:
  • Offer tips to parents.
  • Encourage positive behaviour.
  • Enhance parents’ parenting skills and their confidence in that regard.
  • Enhance parenting skills in managing difficult behaviours.
  • Reduce parental stress.
  • Offer practical tools to improve family dynamics.
The Triple P program enables parents to:
  • Boost their self-confidence in managing difficult behaviours.
  • Improve communication and relations with their child.
  • Better understand their child.
  • Improve the family atmosphere.
To sign up for Triple P, call us at 1 800 675-6168.
The Valoris approach

Respectfully provided tips based on research and on your objectives as a parent, touching on several flexible themes.

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