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Revising the Residential Model to Maintain Quality Services

December 9th 2020
Revising the Residential Model to Maintain Quality Services

The past few years have been marked by labour force shortages that have been felt in several sectors throughout the province.

At Valoris, staff shortages have hit our residential services particularly hard, affecting individuals with development disabilities. Given the difficulty of covering all of the shifts, we find ourselves forced to revise our model in order to avoid reducing the quality of services offered and placing additional pressure on a team of professionals already short of reinforcements. With that in mind, we have made the difficult decision of closing one of our residences in Alfred.

This decision does not mean that services will be cut back, on the contrary. It is a direct consequence of the labour force shortage, and the logical solution to enable us to keep looking after our resources and be in a better position to meet the needs of adults. The other problem is that the residence being shut down was becoming increasingly less adaptable, and did not have enough long-term potential to meet the changing needs of the population we are supporting.

The residence will be closed and its adult residents will be moved in February 2021. No employee will lose his or her job. Procedures will also be put in place to ensure everyone’s safety during COVID-19 as they move.

Our vision remains to provide professional quality services that help valorize the people we support. This decision enables us to pursue our vision and ensure that we can keep meeting the changing needs of the persons we support.

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