Services offered by Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell to individuals with developmental delays or disabilities are divided in two categories:

Developmental services for adults

Valoris supports and helps developmentally disabled adults, and contributes to their physical, social and emotional well-being.

The aim of our adult development program is to foster integration into society so they can live with pride, regain their dignity and enjoy the benefits of the community while becoming fully engaged in it.

Services include:

  • residential services, including home sharer residences, supervised apartments and group homes;
  • jobs in partnership with Groupe Convex;
  • clinical services, including references for psychological assessments;
  • needs assessments for adults and individual planning;
  • recreational and socio-cultural activities;
  • volunteer work;
  • protection services.

Developmental services for youth

Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell aims to enrich and improve the quality of life and living conditions for children and young adults at risk or with intellectual disabilities so they can progress intellectually, physically and socially in cooperation with their family and service providers in their community.

Services include:

  • family consultations;
  • developmental assessments;
  • psychological and psychiatric assessments on referral;
  • one-on-one, family or group interventions;
  • respite services;
  • volunteer work opportunities;
  • other services in partnerships with different community services.

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