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Employment Support and Community Participation

Facilitate integration through participation.

We offer support with community participation for individuals aged 18 and over with developmental disabilities. Those services include a range of activities, and offer individuals the support they need to maximize their participation in the activity and their integration into the community.

Based on the needs assessed by DSOER, individual guidance is also available to anyone wishing to explore the community’s resources and have positive experiences.


The Passport program helps provide peace of mind by making it possible to hire qualified and experienced workers. At Valoris, there are many services available to families receiving funding under Passport, and those services are offered in individual and group formats:

  • Job skills development.
  • Accompaniment for outings.
  • Community activities and courses.
  • Help setting up a care plan according to the individual’s needs, in partnership with his or her support network.
  • Personal development towards greater autonomy in day-to-day activities.
  • Respite services.
  • And much more.

For additional information about services and rates, call us at 1-800-675-6168.

Day activity centres

Our day activity centres, located in Embrun and Hawkesbury, offer a range of community activities where participants can acquire social and life skills to promote their integration and participation in the community. The program focuses on sensorial stimulation.

This service is available to adults with developmental disabilities with complex needs.

People First Movement

People First Movement is a human rights group that encourages its members to make decisions and become more independent. Its members, who face daily challenges in their personal and community lives, meet to share, exchange and receive advice from each other, and to take part in workshops.

The Valoris approach

Our person centred approach enables you to benefit from services that meet YOUR needs.

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Passport program

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