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Receiving Services From Valoris Is Easy!

March 16th 2021
Receiving Services From Valoris Is Easy!

Since mid-January, Valoris has reviewed its entire internal structure. The goal? To provide valorizing and professional services to our community in the simplest way possible, without compromising on the quality of the services or the skills of the company's employees.

At Valoris, we put the people of Prescott-Russell at the heart of our priorities. This is why, even in a major structural change, our focus is on a simplified service pathway so that each person receives help adapted to their needs from our professionals.

With this new structure, people in need of support are quickly referred to the appropriate service. From an internal perspective, the new structure clarifies roles and processes, and provides the professional with more flexibility to do their job. Because if it's simple for our employees, it will be simple for the people we support.

Meaningful Job Titles

The initial intention at Valoris is that everyone who walks through the door or receives services should feel valued and treated as such. That is why we have redesigned most of the job titles in the agency. The new job titles were thought out and implemented from the perspective of the person receiving support. They emphasize a helping relationship rather than an organization-recipient relationship. These job titles therefore reflect a strong intention at Valoris: to accompany and equip, in a human and equal relationship.

Together, We Stand Tall

This is a promise, our promise. To be present to accompany the person throughout the process, keeping in mind that in the end, our work is about giving people the tools they need to take care of themselves. With our new structure, we are one step closer to fulfilling this promise. At Valoris, you'll find a variety of services under one roof, accessible and easy to understand, with the help of caring professionals. Because at Valoris, we work together, and we stand tall.

Watch this video to visually see the benefits of the new internal structure and to better understand the service path.

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