Valoris offers various support groups year round. For more information regarding our programs or to register, please call us at 1 800 675-6168. Spaces are limited in each group and registrations will be done based on request date.

For Women
Au féminin

For Women is a personal reflection group that deals with unhealthy relationships. The program is intended for women who want to break the isolation, learn to develop personal abilities, get support, know the different community resources available and develop a support network.

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Between Us

Entre Nous


This program offers support groups for family violence witnesses: a support group for children between the ages of 7 and 11; a group for youth between the ages 12 and 15; and a group for the mothers (offered simultaneously with the children), so they can learn to support their children. Mothers whose children refuse to join the program can still attend group sessions to get advice on how to support their children. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times (mother or other).

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FOCUS is a specialized educational/group counseling program for men and women who have been physically violent, emotionally abusive or controlling towards a spouse or intimate partner. In Ontario, the program is also available for people who recognize their abusive behavior.

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Triple P

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What is Triple P?

The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is a learning and parenting skills development program aimed at promoting positive relationships between parents and their children and/or teenagers.

Triple P allows parents to learn effective parenting tools to deal with the behaviour problems they may have with their children and\or teenagers.

Triple P:

  • recognizes the difficulties of being a parent;
  • concentrates on the parent-child relationships;
  • is offered in group sessions;
  • can also be offered individually.

Triple P aims to:

  • offer support and advice to parents;
  • encourage positive behaviours;
  • increase the ability and confidence of parents in dealing with the education of their children and teenagers;
  • improve parental abilities in managing difficult behaviours;
  • reduce stress related to parenting;
  • offer practical tools for educating children and adolescents.

Triple P will help parents:

  • increase their confidence in parenting;
  • have a better communication and relationship with the children or teenagers;
  • develop deeper understanding of their children or teenager;
  • improve family unity.

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To access the free and online events organized for the month of May, please consult their events page.