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Together, for the community

The Valoris Foundation support people living in the community of Prescott-Russell and offers to people in need the support to carry out social inclusion, community leadership and personal development projects.
We are Recruting
Poster for the recruitment campaign of new members for the Fundraising and Charity Committee for the Valoris Foundation

Devenez membre du Comité de collectes de fonds et de bienfaisance de la Fondation Valoris et contribuez à l’épanouissement des personnes qui vivent dans les communautés de Prescott et Russell et à la prospérité communautaire.

Le Comité de collectes de fonds et de bienfaisance compte sur l’expertise de ses membres pour actualiser sa mission. Grâce à leur LEADERSHIP, leur VISION COLLECTIVE et leur ENGAGEMENT. Les membres participent activement dans la planification des activités du comité et contribuent activement à l’épanouissement des personnes qui vivent dans les communautés de Prescott et Russell.

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The Foundation's initiatives
A smiling person holding a microphone with other smiling people in the background
Social inclusion

These projects facilitate the positive inclusion of an individual or group in their community to enable them to access full and multiple life experiences.

A group of smiling young adults sitting together in a gym after a game of basket ball
Community leadership

Community leadership initiatives are designed to bring together members of our communities for the benefit of the region.

Two people wearing personal protective equipment working together on a construction field
Personal growth

Personal growth projects are initiatives that provide access to the conditions and experience of full life for an individual or group.

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